When was the last time you read through your own website?  Is it still an accurate representation of the holidays your guests will experience?  All those improvements you make in the off-season – are they mentioned on your site?  Or all the things you take for granted about your own cottages – do you make enough of them in the way you describe or present them?

When you are competing against the likes of Center Parcs, last minute deal offers or all inclusive packages abroad, you need to give yourself the best chance of being selected!  That requires great content which inspires visitors to imagine themselves in YOUR cottages!

We help cottage owners become more distinctive by:

  • Writing copy to put on your website to make sure it is clear and complete to help visitors make an informed choice to book. In some cases we can refresh your existing content
  • Developing graphics or new logo designs to add to your website, to provide a more distinctive look
  • Enabling regular blogging to provide potential guests with information and inspiration that will help them plan their holiday

Want to know how to make your content more inspiring?


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